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Attacks on Social Security Are Attacks on Women; And they’re becoming a mainstay of the GOP primary.

By Helaine Olen for Slate.com

“In national politics, the war on women isn’t always about denying women the right to choose to end a pregnancy or to have health insurance pay for contraception. It’s also about denying women their financial dignity.”

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I am a 52-year-old lesbian who has been through dealing with both chronic asthma since age two and undiagnosed Tourette Syndrome as a young teenager. I’ve moved to Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City by myself knowing almost no one and creating a rich and fulfilling life for myself in each place.

In NYC, I worked with chronically and persistently mentally ill homeless men in the CSS program at VOA and with chronically homeless women in the food service training program at the Lexington Avenue Shelter for Women.

I survived a 10-year-long progressively violent domestic relationship during which I graduated from college with a double BA and from law school with a JD.

I was the first editorial assistant to make it all the way to features editor at the association magazine at which I worked and garnered, by request, the largest raise ever (at the time) for someone working on that publication

I worked at a reputable mid-sized PR firm, had a breakdown and diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. I was incarcerated on a locked ward, and survived three suicides, chronic unemployment, subsisted on public assistance and food stamps supplemented by standing on the food line at the church near my former residence in Flatbush. I was FTC’d by HRA’s Back to Work Program, yet I quickly secured a job and went to work as PR Account Supervisor for the craziest, most abusive boss I ever had, walked out of that job and got a new one. I have worked in PR as a media relations specialist and communications strategist as well as a freelance journalist for well over a decade. I am also a published author.

I can handle anything – except faking that I can slip into fashions that neither fit nor flatter my ample, androgynous lesbian body.

We both know I’m not a cultural fit for the organization, so this note is in lieu of the writing assignment you set out for me.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me, even though I was wearing jeans and sporting two large tattoos.

Good luck in your search for a qualified, committed – and well-dressed – candidate.

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Some of them get behind $15? HOW ABOUT $25, a real living wage!!

“Democrats are divided on how much to lift the nation’s minimum wage, an issue that has long united the party.

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is pushing to raise the federal wage from its current $7.25 an hour to $15. But budget experts warn such a hike could eliminate millions of U.S. jobs.

Many liberals on and off Capitol Hill have embraced the $15 figure, seeing it as an important remedy for addressing the nation’s growing income disparity. Democratic leaders, however, have been reluctant to back it, rallying instead around smaller increases.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) want to push the minimum wage to $12 per hour. President Obama has edged his support to higher levels in recent years, from $9 to $10.10 and now $12. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, backed $15 per hour for New York fast-food workers on Friday but hasn’t specified a wage floor for the nation”

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