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The NYPD turning their backs on New York City mayor Bill de Blasio at a murdered officer’s funeral in the midst of protests on behalf of black men and women murdered by racist cops is deemed disgraceful, rude and unjustified. And that’s by the liberals, progressives, radical activists, and people who consider themselves committed to a social justice movement that includes racial, gender justice and economic justice along with all the other progressive/radical “justices” that exist.

Believing that disrupting the funeral of a slain officer, murdered not in reaction to any of their protests or claims of racism, but by the bogeyman of the mentally ill lone gunman, is distasteful even for the most left of activists, is both counterintuitive and counterproductive.

The sentimentality and lack of imagination on the part of these same activists who work so hard for the cause by putting their bodies (and minds) on the front lines, is the Achilles heel of the movements, plural, for justice.

For these self-proclaimed radicals and revolutionaries who have no regard for police, consider cops pigs, nothing more than legally sanctioned racist paramilitary groups unjustifiably killing their brothers and sisters, are not keeping their eyes on the prize.

Brainwashed, like the rest of us, into accepting the lie that some traditional ceremonies of life and death events are more worthy of respect than others, their solemn sentimentality will be their downfall as well as the end of the renewed social revolution that with Black teenager Michael Brown’s murder by a white cop in Ferguson, MO in 2014.

Current events and desperate times call for cold, clear-eyed perseverance and a solid (and stolid) and patently unsentimental strategy that cannot be derailed by anything outside of the very fight, the protests, and indeed the revolution that can, in the end, save society.

And, it’s not just funereal pomp and circumstance that makes grown activists clench. There’s also the notion that the workplace is not the place for protest.

The idea that the American “workplace” is anything other than a socially acceptable slave colony, no matter what the industry and without regard for the false distinction between for-profit and non-profit businesses, it itself another romantic ideal about reform that has taken hold in radical circles and replaced revolution with rehabilitation. We must be resolute in the goal of the complete elimination of capitalist trappings, traditions and trademarks. This includes smashing the traditional notions of work and workplaces.

By accepting the idea that we need jobs at all, or that job creation is a good thing, we accept the status quo. Instead, we must think in terms of no work. Not different models of work or an equalitarian workplace, but the complete dismantling of the American workplace/workforce who could more productively do something, anything else, with our time and energy.

What are we working for after all? To line our bosses pockets through our labor.
To fund wars? We are financing other people’s dreams, and in the process creating our own nightmares. Rather we need to invest in our own dreams – of freedom, love, friendship, integrity – and revolutions of the mind, body and spirit.


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womens corporate clothes

From Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder the Human Workplace

“We have to hand it to the genius who came up with the idea of mechanized work. That must have been in the late Middle Ages.

First there were villages, then within a couple of generations we had factories and dreary jobs standing at machines for hours – but hey! that’s the price of progress.

The evil genius who invented mechanized human effort really nailed it. Whoever it was, they created the perfect machine – a machine that exists specifically to turn people into parts of the machinery.”

For the full article, go to https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/who-does-your-job-you-suit-liz-ryan

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