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The American media and governments would have us believe it is our own individual struggle to get by: that we are responsible for being underpaid and overworked, overtaxed and underserved, and also being scammed by that biggest scam of all: Obamacare.

Here is a note from a friend of werkinggerl who is trying to understand how she can afford to werk

So health insurance would cost me one weekly paycheck per month. The deductible is $2500. Every doctor visit would be a $75 co-payment. Add the prescription co-payments monthly and the total cost to me would be nearly two weeks of gross pay. No dental or vision coverage. Oxford Liberty. Add rent, electricity, phone, food, and Metrocard and my monthly pay is a negative amount. Is this normal??? How do people afford to work???


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Emotional Writer Needed For Support Community for Affluent Individuals

compensation: $30 per post
contract job
telecommuting okay

Special community for people who have earned a lot of money or been born into a wealthy family needs a blog ghostwriter. The focus of the community is providing psychological support for the problems money brings — family tensions, unfulfillable expectations, boredom, etc. To do this you must be intimately familiar with the problems faced by wealthy people. If you grew up wealthy or through some other means can write detailed blog posts on this topic, please get in touch.

The posts need to be highly personal, emotional and have a strong editorial voice. These are anything but generic lectures. We are looking for 3 posts per week and each post pays $30. If you’re interested, please send a brief cover letter with some suggested topics so we can see that you really can come up with specific topics which touch the hearts of people from affluent families along with some writing samples of your personal, emotionally charged writing. It should all be pasted into the body of the email. We can’t open attachments. Thanks



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