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“…purchases by the rich of second homes—instead of new purchases by first-time homebuyers—is pushing new home prices upwards.”

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“We can continue down a path that will make the U.S. a second-rate country within a generation or we can invest in our future and work to raise the standard of living for all Americans regardless of their class status. Which way will America go?”

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According to “Slate” if Walmart raised the average employee hourly rate of $8.81 to $13.63 that would mean a considerable amount of their employees would be disqualified for food stamp eligibility. And if that cost were passed on to the consumer, we are talking about a price increase of approximately .1 cent per dollar.

But may we point out that someone making $13.63 per hour would still be struggling to feed themselves, let alone a family? What is really the “minimum living wage?” It is higher that $13.63 per hour. “Slate’s” article puts a lot of things into perspective — perhaps inadvertently revealing that saving tax payers billions that go toward food stamps is NOT the solution. Sure, consumers can pay a few more pennies — but the Walmart corporate profits are what needs to be decreased. If Walmart wanted to consider saving tax payers food stamp funds and keep their prices low, they need to deflate their greed margin, and raise salaries up to $15.00 or more. Much more.

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