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This is a reminder to support the FAST FOOD FORWARD movement the minimum wage workers are pushing into out capitalistic conscious.

Fast food employee Jeska Harris says, “Working at McDonald’s was never my dream. I’m doing what I have to do to support my 3-year-old son, while I study to be a medical assistant. But, earning $7.25 an hour just isn’t cutting it. The high cost of living in New York City plus the student loans I have to pay every month has left my son and me struggling. I am doing everything and I still can’t afford the basics–a place of our own, transportation, or food.

In September, I joined a growing movement of fast food workers fighting for better wages and fair workplaces. But, despite hundreds of us walking out of our jobs and over 100,000 of you standing in solidarity with us– the fast food CEOs have yet to respond. “

What a surprise.

Won’t you please spread the word and/or sign the Fast Food Forward petition demanding living wages for the folks who are serving you a greasy burger and serving their CEO huge salaries and bonuses?



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