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Communications job opening, redux

Same company in post below (NoVo Foundation) is seeking yet another communications person. werking gerl is always curious when she sees the same jobs coming around again in an approximately six month cycle.

I did a little,  and I mean a little, Google research on NoVo and found something of interest to me: “She [Gloria Steinem] recently went to India with the son of billionaire Warren Buffett to tell India how to solve it’s problems…OH GOODIE! But wait, isn’t Warren Buffett one of the “good guys?” Isn’t he Mr. Please Raise Taxes On Me & The Rich? You’ll forgive me if that’s not enough to convince me of his sincerity. He’s also Mr. Send The Defective Fema Trailers Made By A Company I Own To Earthquake Devastated Haitian Children.

Here’s the blog post from whence this paragraph came.

There is, of course, plenty of positive stuff on the World Wide Web about NoVo. the foundations is, after all, headed by a Buffett.


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