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I received a notice from Camp Medicaid late last week that my so-called “Fair Hearing” (filed 12/16/10) is scheduled for the afternoon of May 3, 2011. I cannot make it for various reasons, but also cannot get through on the phone number  the form directs me to call to request an adjournment to another day/time.

In the past, oh, seven months since I reapplied for Medicaid when the Roosevelt breast clinic refused to see me b/c my Medicaid lapsed, I have not been able to get a follow-up  breast exam or mammogram to make sure that everything from my breast biopsy is okay. This is the NYC public “assistance” at work, folks. The so-called social safety net.


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The New York Times reports “The Drought is Over” and reveals the salaries of some of the highest paid CEO’s in 2010.  If you don’t dig these figures, well, stop contributing to their salaries! See what companies they work for, boycott (or gerlcott) their products, and spread the word! The masses of people who barely get buy are the poor suckers who are the consumer that keep throwing money to the CEO’s.

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