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Money for Meds

I’m pretty sure I got my doc at the WTC Health Center fired. Last week I called him to refill a klonopin prescription for me, See, he’s not actually supposed to prescribe psychiatric medication for me because I am not a psychiatric patient there, I have my own private psychiatrist, one who costs $200 a visit and one who writes prescriptions that cost anywhere from $25- $2300. My shrink helps me out by giving my as many samples as he can. And my WTC health Center  doc helps me out by filling the Rx for klonopin, which cannot be refilled automatically because klonopin, and its generic equivalent clonozepam, is a so-called “controlled substance”.

I cannot get samples for this medication or afford it personally, so like I said my doc helps me get it for free at the Bellevue Pharmacy  along with my asthma medications. This time his colleague the psychiatrist found out he was prescribing this for me and …. well I am not sure…I just know I did not get a new prescription from him and have not heard from him. So, I had to get an Rx from my own shrink, take it to Walgreens and use my last 40 bucks in the world to buy a month’s worth. Because I need it. badly, or I cannot function, so I am willing to go without oh, so many other things to have my klonopin.

And now I cannot go anywhere because I cannot afford a subway ride, I have very little food in my apartment until my EBT food stamp benefits are replenished mid-month and I am going crazy within this system!

And HRA somehow believes I don’t need Medicaid? Crazy!


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Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits, I hope 2011 brings good luck to all…

Meanwhile, over at Camp Medicaid, I received a notice in the mail yesterday evening screaming “THIS IS NOT A SCHEDULING NOTICE” letting me know my request for a fair hearing has been received and giving me a complimentary “CONFIRMATION OF AID STATUS”.  Medicaid CLAIMs two issues: 1) FAILURE TO VERIFY ANY FACTOR RELATING TO ELIGIBILITY and 2) FAILURE TO VERIFY ANY FACTOR RELATING TO ELIGIBILITY. Geniuses over there at the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, just brilliant!

Really they are total liars because as I’ve already mentioned, I show up with all requested documentation and was ready to provide more, if asked, but instead I was turned down because I didn’t give the Medicaid office materials they did not request. Again, people, geniuses. And, I also would like to point out that before I filed for a Fair Hearing, I also asked fora conciliation meeting–something far less expensive for the State of New York and likely to put an end to my case. Local, much easier to staff, but then they might actually have to award me Medicaid at the end of it. So rather than having to chance me getting Medicaid, they will convene a Fair Hearing that will drag on forever, tie up my time and use personnel and , eventually, lose anyhow because they are plain wrong.  The State of New York has a HUGE a bureaucracy to stall me for a very long time. I have behind me patience, the desire to prevail and not have to go off my much-needed meds). And, of course, justice for all…

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