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Published: December 30, 2010
Time marches on.

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I stumbled across this new organization,  a simple website really, started by an anonymous creative worker as a call to arms to every creative worker not to tolerate the work-for-free “internship” ads and related preying on creatives mentality on Craigslist.

Here is the simple mission statement:

About The Workers Union

This Site is dedicated to workers rights, art and culture. It started as a response to the increasing number of businesses taking advantage of workers in the creative fields particularly those calling jobs internships. The website was created as a public service. It is neither nonprofit or profit driven. We encourage submissions and input from our readers.
Check it out here: http://theworkersunion.org [werking gerls: This site is no longer accessible. We have no further information]

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I received a denial of my Medicaid claim the other day. The only reason this is happening is because Medicaid didn’t send me renewal information to streamline the process. They claim they did send me the renewal info, but they  didn’t and they lie all the time–the US government doesn’t really want anyone to have free/low-cost medical care. It’s all about big business, corporate Amerika, Big Pharma and the insurance industry making a killing on unwitting citizens with no money.

I got some bullshit letter that stated I did not produce the requested information and documentation–a total lie! I waited in line in on a freezing cold and windy day in Brooklyn to present my documentation to the Medicaid officer, she took less than two minutes to  copy my documents and bid me adieu.

Somehow I knew I would have to continue my fight for social services. I’ve already written that I’ve applied for SSI/SSD…I have been assigned a case worker, found that out just yesterday. The letter I got int he mail said it will take anywhere from three months to a year to win (or not).

I can wait it out even longer if I need to, to win over the city, state and federal governments when I am right and they, as usual, are wrong.

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HARLEM — East Harlem’s Rafael Nunez has been struggling to make ends meet since he lost his job nearly a year ago.

“It’s been very tough,” said the father of three, who has been scouring the Internet and taking courses in computers and bus driving to try to find work.

But things are about to get worse for Nunez, who is set to become one of the approximately 18,000 Manhattan residents who will lose their unemployment benefits over the next month after Congress failed to pass an emergency extension on Wednesday.

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