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Yesterday, I was once again standing in line on a cold &  blustery November morning. The day, in fact, before Thanksgiving. The day my sister was to arrive for our annual “communist thanksgiving” celebration.

I’m still unemployed, still use food stamps and had had Medicaid (because free health care is independent of other public assistance programs). I never received a Medicaid renewal form and was unaware it was even up for renewal. I discovered this when I went to the free breast clinic at St. Luke’s and was told my insurance (HealthFirst) was rejected.

I was, yesterday, at the Bushwick Medicaid office to drop off supporting documents for my Medicaid application made 10 days prior. I stood in line for an hour, in the cold and wind and was the first in line for the Medicaid office in the basement of  120 Thornton Street. It took less than two minutes for the worker to copy my documents and send me on my way with a curt “You’ll received a determination letter in 30-45 days. Goodbye.”

So that’s it. Another food stamp Thanksgiving with my girlfriend, sister and some close friends who are bringing dishes to contribute. My sis is here, it’s all good, but it’s also heartbreaking and soul-crushing to be in the same financial place as I was one year ago.


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November 9, 2010, 11:54 am

Inflation Delusions

Wow — so the official right-wing line seems to be that all the talk about falling inflation is a leftist plot — that real people know that prices of real things like groceries are soaring. I should have guessed that from the ravings of our resident troll (singular — internal evidence suggests that there is only one).

Anyway, I thought it would interesting to see how much the price of groceries has diverged from other measures of inflation, in particular the core inflation whose logic, no matter how often explained, never seems to get across.

See Paul Krugman’s blog here

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