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Congressional Democrats and Republicans agree on importance of small business growth for reducing 9.6 unemployment numbers. Unemployment reaches nearly 18 percent when adding part time employees and those that have simply stopped looking for work. The unemployment figures have been detrimental to Congressional Democrats passing legislation to stimulate economic growth in the private sector. This includes the highly debated economic stimulus plan. One half of the American workforce is employed by businesses with fewer than 500 employees. The debate between Democrats and Republicans is in methods for providing small businesses with stimulus to begin hiring.

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Hey, it’s the original werking gerl here. I’ve got a new post! I wrote this two months ago–when I was in this thick of it at the PR agency I walked out of. I published it then for a few hours, but was worried about losing my job if the Boss saw it. So, here it is, unedited:

I work in a “progressive” workplace, we also work only with “progressive” clients. This supposedly means we are all adults who respect each other, our outside lives and busy schedules while also working toward progressive social change and for social justice.

Buzz. Wrong answer!

My boss is someone who behaves badly. She drives the company in the same direction she has been steering it for the past 20-odd years. But, many of her ideas and tactics are outdated. However, she is not willing to change them, especially when it involves approaching clients about change, even though we are supposed to counsel clients about how to best handle their business.

The worst part is that the big boss identifies as a feminist. And, as with many (not all) second wave feminists I have dealt with, she is the worst kind of caricature of a boss figure I’ve ever come across. Boss Tweed doesn’t know the meaning of feminism if her behavior toward her (all-female) staff is any indication. And, it is indeed an indication. Boss Tweed constantly undermines our work, blames us for impossible mandates from her, has personal trust issues that overflow into her working relationship with us, her peons. She thinks she knows everything (and everyone) there is to know about our particular business and isn’t willing to try or learn anything new.

I didn’t realize I was being hired as the straight guy (ha-ha) foil to Boss Tweed’s intractable bad behavior. Well, I was and that is where I am now– less than two months into this gig. Some people will say I just like to complain, but the fact is that in most working environments in the US people in the upper echelons behave badly. Really, really badly–and get away with it. And, in the US at least, people on the bottom or in the middle don’t call Boss Tweeds on their behavior. I am, right here in a blog that my boss knows about and may or may not read.

Either way, I’ll tell her to her face (phone) today, tomorrow, or next week when she is in town. I’m hungry and I need money for rent, but I’ve been in abusive relationships in the past –personally and  professionally–and I’m not about to stay in another one again.

Bosses behaving badly is something up with which I will not put!

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