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January 26, 2010

Arbor E&T Program

Stephanie Schrreodr

Mr Schreoder

Our records indicate that you recently failed to attend your WeCARE activities for all or some of the hours you are scheduled for. If this is because you have recently found employment – CONGRATULATIONS – This achievement is proof of the hard work you have put in as you climb the ladder of self-sufficiency.

If you have not found employment you must contact you caseworker no later than   so they can work with you to resolve whatever issue may have caused you to miss your assignment and restart you on your road to self-sufficiency.

WeCARE Suggestion Line: 718-606-3136


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This is an interesting article that is much more articulate than my fuckoff post about how Back To Work and WEP don’t work and how HRA truly is about intentionally setting up people in hard circumstance to fail. Read here.

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HRA broke me.

Yep, I’ve given up–quit Back to Work, WeCARE, etc, now just trying to keep my food stamps. And brushing off the bits of dust from all the BULLSHIT HRA is and the way that department looks for ways to fuck people over. HRA doesn’t exist to help individuals or families through hard time, it exists to discourage everyone from obtaining the help they need. In fact, I say that HRA actually  stands in the way of public assistance, blocks necessary individual and family case information from the very people who need it and the case managers, supervisors and other staff stonewall so much that the Department of Human  Resources of  the City of New York is an utter travesty, a huge blemish on the Bloomberg administration. So inadequately staffed with incompetent nincompoops, bar none, HRA blows big time.

Thank you so much HRA for robbing me of 2+ months of my life when I could actually have conducted a successful job search instead of molting inside many of your old, smelly classrooms learning nothing and loosing all kinds networking and job search opps.

Goodbye to all that: I’ll find real help elsewhere.

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Went to see housing attorneys at Urban Justice Center: not much to do except wait to be served and have to go to L&T court..at which the Urban Justice Center will represent me….I am going to fill out a request for a fair hearing to bring in a few hundred bucks from HRA that they shoulda paid instead of closing my case for rental assistance without alerting me; need to file for a so-called One-Shot (HRA gives more than their ‘normal’ monthly rental assistance payment, which is $215–to cover the arrears), but for that need to have a 3rd party guarantor type person.

UJC said it could be my new (as of Feb) roommate, but I don’t think she’s exactly (apologies to you EJ!) what they are looking for –an 20something adventurer from Tasmania who quit her job to find fame and fortune in NYC?. And, I am sure wouldn’t want to reveal all her finances to them in any case. Plus, I need to prove that I will have income to pay most of if not all of my rent moving forward. Sucks all the way around b/c I cannot now guarantee that OR I wouldn’t even be in this situation! So it’s just wait and get sued kinda thing…

And I still have to do WEP and attend job readiness classes while all of this is unfolding.

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I was assigned as a Clerical Aide two days per week at Brooklyn/Staten Island Blood Services. “It’s mostly data entry,” the WEP Assignment Worker told me. I don’t even know how to do data entry and am not very facile with Excel either, another function I need to be able to carry out. I told this to my WEP assignment worker, too. She was really only interested in placing me quickly so she could see her next appointment.

I’m not clear whether I actually need to be in the job development program any longer since I am clearly not receiving rental assistance and I had food stamps before this and can get them after, unrelated to my application for Temporary Cash Assistance.

I hope to be speaking to a lawyer from the Urban Justice Center today to figure all of this out in addition to discussing the impending legal action against me by my landlord…

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I just received a NOTICE OF PENDING LEGAL ACTION from the same landlord who told me he would fill out forms for rental assistance from/for HRA…

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Yesterday I was more depressed than I have been for over five years—since I have been seeing my current psychotherapist. I skipped an appointment with a job readiness specialist at WeCARE and went instead to my therapist’s office. We did some bodywork and visualization, the kind of crap I hate, but it worked to get me outta my head for a while. I was in a state even she hadn’t seen before, even when she first met me after my last suicide attempt.

I feel that my work at the Back to Work program and at WeCARE for the past two months has been futile. My case for rental assistance has been closed because of a missing document. No one alerted me to this fact. I never received my required notice letter after my home visit, which is now six week ago. I have repeatedly called my original case manager AND her supervisor asking for a meeting. My calls always go into voicemail and neither woman has returned my calls, ever. Even my therapist called and no one returned her phone call either.

I had to file a request for a fair hearing because my food stamp case was also mysteriously closed. I’m feeling very hopeless, feel like dropping out of the program, because if my basic needs are not being met (the point of public assistance, no?) and I am hammering away all day in these programs, why then am I there?

Today I have an appointment with a WEP assignment worker. WEP is Work Experience Program, designed for people with little or no work experience to be assigned work for the city in exchange for their benefits, gain skills and a job history so they can get a job in the “real world.” Every woman I know in the program has been assigned to a janitorial job at some city agency. Will that be my fate, too?

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